Our school is a unique urban elementary school on the road to academic excellence. We continually make progress toward enhancing student learning and enriching our students’ life experiences through education. We have maintained a population of approximately 400 students. All members of our school community play an important part in helping our students achieve their goals while developing and enhancing their skills that are aligned to standards-based curriculum with individualized instruction.

Our Student Achievement Focus Is multi-tiered. We strive through blended technology to maximize academic performance through a rigorous approach and process of Common Core access to activate 21st century scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and artists as citizens.

Clyde Woodworth Elementary School is where the Cougar Family continuously makes progress toward enriching students’ learning and experiences. The Cougar Family consists of administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and community representatives who care and share their talents, skills and expertise to coach our students toward becoming future lifelong productive citizens in the global community.

We also aim to continue to align staff professional development with our students’ academic needs. Our commitment to professional development engagement and commitment by our staff exceeds norms.

Our staff, parents and students work to expose our students to external resources that expand their knowledge beyond their community via Career Day Programs, book readings, talent shows and other special assemblies. Community leaders, business owners, professionals and volunteers participate in “read aloud” programs, where they read to our students in classrooms and library settings